Useful programs

Text editors

  • GNU Emacs — the universal text editor (see also my config)
  • godit — mini Emacs-like editor with UTF-8 support (written in Go)
  • mg — mini Emacs-like editor without UTF-8 support (available in Debian package mg)

GUI programs

  • dwm — dynamic window manager for X
  • st — simple terminal for X
  • slock — simple X display locker

Other programs

  • Debian — a universal operating system
  • git — distributed version control system. Comes with gitk GUI (see Use gitk to understand git also look at magit a GNU Emacs interface for git)
  • Docker — powerful and easy containers (like lightweight virtual machines; the docker tool is written in Go)
  • webfront — HTTP server and reverse proxy (written in Go)
  • go-mtpfs — mounting Android devices as MTP device (written in Go). This was the only such tool that worked for me without problems (when I had to choose one).
  • tmux — a terminal multiplexer

Programming languages